Hi! My name is Ethel Zepeda and I am a transfer student. I studied at York College for 1.5 years and transferred to Stevenson University in Spring 2019.

Like all other transitions, coming to a new school was tough. A lot of my friends also went to York College, so coming to Stevenson alone was a completely new experience. To be honest, making new friends was hard, but I decided to get involved in clubs and student organizations on campus immediately. It was a right decision as it has completely opened me up to new friends and experiences. Today, I am proud to say (with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm) that I am a Mustang!

One thing that strikes me at Stevenson is the number of opportunities they have available for students. The faculty, staff, and students are amazing, and I love connecting with people who share similar goals and dreams. I have definitely grown a strong sense of belonging since I came here.

By: Ethel Zepeda (’22 Psychology)