Savannah Sommers is a senior psychology major who is also on the Stevenson women's hockey team. In her family, hockey is a traditional favorite. "Hockey is the one constant thing throughout my life that I could use to make friends, destress, and just have fun playing the game," Sommers said. "I am always thankful that I have the opportunity to play college hockey because not everyone is able to do so." She has been playing hockey since she was six years old and was introduced to the ice rink by the age of two weeks old as her brother also plays hockey. Sommers selected Stevenson University because of the hockey team feeling like a close f amily, which was extremely important for her as she wanted to find a home away from home. The hockey team was also only two years old when she was considering Stevenson, she stated that she wanted to be part of helping create a legacy and building a successful program. Along with the hockey program, she found the campus to be beautiful and its location of being convenient to travel towards the city when wanted.

 Not only was the hockey team and the campus a big impact on her decision to attend Stevenson, but so was the psychology department. "There are so many things I love about the psychology department here. The main thing is how close of a department it is and that all the professors want to have personal relationships with their students," Sommers said. "All the schools at home are large universities and I know if I went there I would not have been able to have the same experiences and relationships that I have now with the psychology department. I can confidently say that through my four years here, I have been able to build a good relationship with each of the full-time faculty and that means a lot to me. I am also involved in many other clubs and honor societies. I am President of both Psi Chi and psychology club and am a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)." As Sommers demonstrates, it is strongly urged to get involved on campus within extracurricular activities or to simply get to know your faculty.

Sommers will be playing in a hockey game on November 10th at 7:00p.m. in the Reisterstown Sportsplex. Admissions to the game are free!