Congratulations to Luke Mastrangeli on his acceptance into Carlow University!
The program Mastrangeli is entering is a cohort-based dual-Master’s located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Carlow is bordered by University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie-Mellon University, making that area is full of learning opportunities. Mastrangeli is a first-generation college student and wants to go into Student Affairs and Higher Education. His experiences as a Senior Resident Assistant, Career Peer Advisor, and Intern for Student Success, has helped him develop a passion and affinity for working with college and post-secondary populations.

"I am interested in research in college access, mental health in college populations, and Imposter Syndrome specifically in high-achieving students as well as non-traditional learners. In addition, I have a strong research interest in non-academic factors and their impacts on retention," said Mastrangeli. "The program itself is very interesting as much Higher Education and Student Affairs programs are one degree and focus on student development, counseling, or administration. This particular program is a blend of all of the focuses which gives the program a pretty holistic curriculum. I am extremely excited to be accepted into the program and am excited to see what Graduate Assistantships are available! It is my first graduate program acceptance so it is a huge relief when applying for the other programs."

Good luck on your academic endeavors!