Students who had Dr. Wong before in their classes often comment on her enthusiasm and bubbly personality as an instructor. Did you know that Dr. Wong is also an active researcher who has published with her students?

For Dr. Wong, being a research mentor brings her tremendous joy and satisfaction. Her most recent work “The influence of cultural and generational differences on the ministry experience of Chinese American church leaders” is now in press in Pastoral Psychology (a peer-reviewed journal). Importantly, Sarah Goranson (’19 Psychology) serves as the first author on this work.

Dr. Wong and Sarah Goranson (’19 Psychology)

“Sarah has been working on this research project since her freshmen year,” recalled Dr. Wong. “I remember Sarah coming to me one day after our PSY 108 Human Growth and Development class. She said she wanted to be involved in research. Since then, she has played a key role in our research group. She has assisted with many research tasks, from data coding to the write-up of the manuscript. It has taken us a long time to see this finished product, but we are so proud of it.”

Sarah was thrilled when she was notified that the paper was accepted. “I am so excited,” said Sarah. “I really appreciate Dr. Wong’s help for this paper and teaching me so much throughout my college experience. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have been given at Stevenson through the Psychology department.”

In addition to this work with Sarah Goranson, Dr. Wong’s recent publications also involved other Stevenson students. For example, she and Anakay Alexander (’20 Psychology) have contributed an encyclopedia entry “Adult attachment” for Intimate and Family Relationships. Together with her Ph.D. advisor Dr. Sarah Mangelsdorf and Psychology student Stephanie Charney (’19 Psychology), their work “Independence and dependence” is now in press for the Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development. Back in 2017, Dr. Wong published with Paige Worthy (’17 Psychology) “A qualitative analysis of the experience of female Chinese American church leaders: Associations with gender role, culture, and work-family balance” in Pastoral Psychology.

We congratulate Dr. Wong and her students for these wonderful publications!