The Psychology Department at Stevenson University offers a few paid positions for selected students every year to work as Peer Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, or Student Techs. These positions not only look good on resume or curriculum vitae, but they are excellent opportunities for students to further their training in Psychology.

Our Student Techs Semira Nock (left) and Tamera Stanley (right)

Networking: Through these positions, students will be able to develop deeper relationships with their professors and fellow students. Peer Teaching Assistants, for example, work closely with students inside and outside of class. Similarly, Research Assistants work closely with their professors and research teams as they engage in various research activities. Finally, Student Techs assist with various projects depending on the need of the department as they work closely with the faculty.

Skills: While Research Assistants are learning the nuances of various research tasks that are essential for graduate school, Peer Teaching Assistants are cultivating leadership skills by facilitating class activities and discussions. Students Techs are developing their organizational skills by working on a variety of tasks, such as coordinating department events and designing bulletin boards to create a fun and cohesive community for our students.

Professional development: Our Peer Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Students Techs are all responsible, hardworking, and attentive to detail. They are also acquiring important organizational, time-management, and communication skills that are applicable for graduate school or future career.

Interested in any of these positions? Please email Dr. Elliott for more information!

Written by: Semira Nock