There are many options for students who do not plan to pursue a graduate degree after the completion of their Bachelor’s. In fact, there are many job opportunities available for Psychology graduates. Students, here is what you can do now to prepare yourself.

To begin, let’s focus on the important skills that you can gather while you are at Stevenson. Skills related to communication and organization are very important! The Stevenson Psychology department requires students to complete an internship before they graduate. You should carefully choose your internship site so that it is closely related to your interest. This internship opportunity will help you build research, problem-solving, and/or leadership skills, just to name a few!

Psych senior Bryce Merkt completed his internship while studying abroad at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

While holding a Bachelor’s degree shows your perseverance in completing your academic goals, employers would still want to see additional skills that you may have. Following Stamm (2019), we suggest using a “both-and” approach. What that means is having “both a degree that meets the educational requirements for the job and the skills, traits, and competencies to do the job.” For instance, if a student is applying a job related to research, he/she should highlight his/her previous experience with research in classes, field placements, or internships. In addition, the student should also highlight his/her communication and organization skills as they are crucial for their position.

In sum, when applying for a job with a Bachelor’s degree, focus on all of your skills that can set you apart from other candidates also applying. Utilizing field placements and internships that the Stevenson Psychology department offers is a great place to gain job-related experience. That being said, do not forget all the amazing skills you have gained throughout experiences in other non-psychology related jobs and from your classes!

By Makaylah Morton