The Psychology Department of Stevenson University welcomes Dr. Colleen Spada to join our excellent group of full-time faculty members. Dr. Spada is very familiar with our students and our department as she has been working as an adjunct professor at SU for the past 9 years.

Dr. Spada received her BS in Biology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and received her PsyD from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. She has interned at the counseling center of Northern Arizona University and is a licensed clinical psychologist with her own private practice here in Maryland. Her specialties include stress and anxiety management, life transitions, and women-based practices. A fun fact about Dr. Spada is that she is a birth doula, which means that she is professionally trained to provide expecting mothers with the physical, emotional, and educational support they need before, during, and after childbirth.

Dr. Spada has taught Psychology courses such as Human Growth & Development as well as Writing for Psychology. This semester, she is teaching a topics course on Stress, Anxiety, and Relaxation. Dr. Spada enjoys working with students and is always willing to help. Students will always catch her working in her office with her door open. She also has chocolates in her office for students.

When I ask Dr. Spada for a piece of advice for our fellow students, Dr. Spada gives a very reassuring message. “Life is all about transitions,” says Dr. Spada. “You have transitioned into college. A few years later, you will be transitioning into the real world. It is anxiety provoking, but you need to know that everything will be okay. In fact, everyone goes through transitions. No matter how big or small these transitions are, knowing how to manage stress and anxiety is important. Sometimes you have to just tell yourself to tolerate the discomfort because it too, will change.”

By: Tamera Stanley