I graduated from Stevenson University in December of 2017. Currently, I am in my second year of the M.A./Ed.S. program in School Psychology at the University of Delaware. Along with my graduate study, I am working as the Program Assistant in which I am collaborating with Nemours BrightStart on research projects. As a result of my experiences at SU, I was selected to receive the Graduate Scholar Award at UD, which has made my dream of attending graduate school a reality!

Stevenson’s Psychology department has prepared me in more ways than I can explain! This program has not only helped me discover a path that aligned with my future goals, it has also provided me with the knowledge and skills to feel confident in my abilities to succeed. I would never forget the help and support from numerous Psychology professors, including Dr. Metzger, Dr. Iannone, Dr. Schurtz, and Dr. Bilgrave.

Dr. Metzger spent countless hours offering invaluable advice and helping me plan for the future. I always felt comfortable sharing my challenges and successes with him. I would definitely say that working as a Peer Teaching Assistant for Dr. Metzger and being involved in countless conversations with him and my peers have made a huge impact on my development.

Dr. Iannone has played an significant role in preparing me for my graduate school application through her Professional Development Sequence. Importantly, she has shown me the importance of finding a program that is of a great fit. As a result, I selected the School Psychology graduate program at UD and am enjoying working in a close knit, enthusiastic, and supportive environment.

My time in Dr. Schurtz’s “Love Lab” has helped me gain the skills necessary to embark on new research opportunities, including submitting proposals to a School Psychology conference this upcoming spring. Last but not least, Dr. Bilgrave’s passion and enthusiasm for counseling has helped me build confidence in my communication skills, which I find myself consistently using.

I strongly believe that Stevenson has thoroughly prepared me for the level of work and dedication necessary to succeed in graduate school. This past May, I graduated with my M.A. in School Psychology at UD. I am now completing a practicum in preparation for an internship. My ultimate goal is to become a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. I know that choosing to transfer to Stevenson was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am beyond grateful for all the experiences I have had at Stevenson and will always cherish my time being a part of the SU Psychology community!

By: Melissa Catalano (’17 Psychology)