Dr. Ingrid Tulloch is currently working with students in a crustacean lab within the psychology department.   In the photo above, you can see Michelle Dennis, a student worker, holding a crayfish while in the middle of conducting data analysis.

Dennis has provided a brief summary of their lab work: "We seek to examine how the environment or experience impacts neurobehavioral processes in invertebrates that are important for ecological balance. We conduct research using land hermit crabs, crayfish and fruit flies. These invertebrates also serve as models for understanding basic neurobiological processes about gene and environmental interactions that can explain human behavior and health. In the past we found that varying wavelengths of light alters duration of rest, aggression, and serotonin in neural structures of the land hermit crab."

There is a HTML link above the photo to our department's YouTube channel that provides a further look into their lab work, be sure to check it out!