Founded in 1998 by Dr. Norbert Myslinski, the International Brain Bee is a world-wide neuroscience competition for high school students between the ages of 13 to 19. The USA Brain Bee is an officially sanctioned Regional Brain Bee of the International Brain Bee.

The Baltimore County Local Brain Bee competition took place on February 23, 2019 at Stevenson University. About 20 students from different local high schools participated.

During this competition, students were asked to demonstrate their knowledge in neuroscience. In addition to answering questions related to their readings, the competition also included a neuroanatomy lab component. It took these students months to prepare for this competition (e.g., a number of them had attended a Brain Bee Boot Camp a few weeks ago at Stevenson University).

Congratulations to the three students who won this competition!

Danyah Imam (1st Place) (with SU Psychology Club President Jenny Tran)

Anna Keyes (2nd Place)

Yasmin Adams (3rd Place).

Special thanks to Dr. Ingrid Tulloch for organizing this event, Dr. Carolyn Danna and Dr. Angie Setzer for serving as the judges, and our fabulous student volunteers who helped out including Caitlin Kennedy, Alex Abramson, Antoinette Nash, Jordon Huey, Erik Gonzales, Jenny Tran, Shim Patel, Stephanie Charney, Dondre’Ana James, Esha Kashmiri, Sarah Goranson, Sherese Sample, Brianna Blue, Lauren Hudson, and Aji Briscoe.