The 2015 local Brain Bee was hosted by Stevenson University's Psychology Club in the Greenspring Pavilion on February 28th, where several local high school students competed in a challenging neuroscience contest of knowledge, each ultimately seeking a spot in the leagues of national and international competition.

"The Brain Bee is a neuroscience Q&A competition for secondary school students that motivates students to learn about the brain and inspires them to pursue careers in biomedical research." Founder Norbert Myslinski of Stevenson University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore directs the global contest.

*more information can be found from the Society for Neuroscience

The reigning champion of the contest was student Natalia Stepanova, pictured below.

(From left to right: students Natalia Stepanova, Grace Chueng, Kevin Su, Will Green, and Ridhi Chaudhary)