First of 38 panels in traveling exhibit about African American military history.  Contains title In Freedom's Name as well as credits

Stevenson's Public History Program researched and curated the largest traveling exhibit in US history dedicated to the military contributions of African American men and women. Entitled: In Freedom's Name, the exhibit chronicles the stories of Black Marylanders who have contributed to the military history of the U.S.  With over 65 stories and 250 supporting images, the exhibit stretches nearly 150 feet when it is set up in a line.  Each of the exhibit's 68 panels is 7ft high by 3 1/2 ft wide.  

Exhibit set up in Rockland Hall at Stevenson University

Caption: Set up in Rockland Hall at Stevenson University, the exhibit stretches for almost 150 feet-- the largest of its kind in U.S. history.

Conceptualized, researched, and curated by Stevenson's Public History program, the exhibit has drawn accolades from Maryland's governor, the Maryland National Guard, and the community at large. It has been hosted by the Reginald Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture, the Living Word International Church, the Maryland Military Historical Society, Morgan State University, as well as Stevenson University.  Currently being exhibited by the Enoch Pratt Library System of Baltimore, the exhibit is also scheduled to tour through Maryland's Howard County Public Library system as well as the public libraries of Frederick County.  With two sets of the exhibit currently traveling the state,  each of Maryland's counties as well as locations in Washington, DC and Virginia will have access to the exhibit as well.

Three Stevenson Public History majors gather in front of the exhibit.

Caption:  Stevenson Public History majors stand in front of exhibit.

By creating exhibits like this, students learn how to research, design, and create public history exhibits that can travel the world.  Easy to set-up, inexpensive to build, and requiring no power sources, traveling exhibits like these can play an educational role in any community.  


Crowd looking at exhibit in hallway of the Living Word International Church in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Caption: People interact with the exhibit in Montgomery County, Maryland at the Living Word International Church.

The exhibit covers the period from 1634-Present, and provides compelling stories of Maryland's African American men and women who served their nation and made great contributions when we needed it the most.  The exhibit chronicles the Black experience in Maryland during the following eras: Colonial, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, war against slavery, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Expanding Freedom's frontier.

Stevenson University student looking at exhibit. 

Caption: Thought provoking, compelling, and emotionally taxing, In Freedom's Name is a product of the Stevenson University Public History Program.