Poster from NCPH advertising their RE-Active History Twitter Mini Conference

Last fall, the public majors at Stevenson University were able to pioneer a new way of presenting history to the public: a Twitter mini-conference.   Invited by the National Council on Public History to participate in the event, the Stevenson PHIST program provided a presentation on Adventure History-- Stevenson's approach to teaching public history.

Twitter logo with a white bird on a blue background.

Designed to allow public historians to interact with one another in a venue other than a conference, the Twitter Mini-Con, as it was known, engaged over 700,000 individuals worldwide.  It was a test of how technology could be used to provide wireless space for public historians to meet without the large expense of attending an actual conference in a far away city.

Slide from Stevenson Twitter presentation outling three key points for adventure history.  

Using a structured PowerPoint presentation containing 15 slides, Stevenson's public history majors presented their concepts on Adventure History as practiced at Stevenson.  Every minute a slide from the presentation was Tweeted out across the world.  A team of students, and beloved Public History faculty member Dr,. Jamie Goodall, fielded responses as they came in.

Activities such as these keep our program abreast of advances in technology, and provide new platforms for engaging with the public-- the key point of public history.