Dan Scotten graduated from our Public History Program in May and is currently employed as a historian helping to document the Human Genome Project.   One of the largest projects the US has involved itself in since the Manhattan Project, the Human Genome Project will affect our lives for the rest of time in ways of which we can only dream today.  When the story of that story is told, Dan will have helped to write it.  

Dan is one of several recent graduates from the Stevenson PHIST Program who remains a role model for our current majors.  A member of the Stevenson Honors Program, Dan provided service to the university as a Senior RA in the dorms.  His service to the community took place during his internship with the Maryland Military Historical Society where he put the skills he learned in the Intro to Archives (HIST 312)  class to good work.  Recognized for his work at the 5th Regiment Armory in Baltimore, Dan was commended by LTG H. Steven Blum (USA, Ret.) former Chief of the National Guard of the United States.

Dan credits his being picked for this plum assignment to his degree in Public History, his experience as a volunteer and intern in archival environments, and the skills he learned in his PHIST classes.  Oh, and also the fact that he checked his Stevenson e-mail throughout the summer months!!!

Congratulations, Dan!  Also, a great big thank you to Adjunct Professor Andrew Johnstone who forwarded this opportunity to Dan's attention.