As we busily prepare for an upcoming trip to Italy, we reflect on the successful trip to Eastern Europe last spring.
In March 2014, our photo students went on a photographic tour of five countries in Eastern Europe. With 19 students and three faculty members, we set off on an amazing journey that took us through Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria. We went on a breathtaking sunset boat tour up the danube River while in Budapest,  and we explored the King's Castle on Wawel Hill while in Krakow. Our students were stunned by the macabre beauty of the "bone church" in Kutna Hora (just outside of Prague), and were amazed by the beauty of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.
Everyone had a great time taking photographs, making memories, enjoying the various foods, and soaking up the culture in ancient cities that appeared like you had taken a step through time into life experienced hundreds of years ago. We had lots of fun and laughs as we enjoyed an amusement park in Vienna, and we were appropriately "spooked out" when we got to explore the Slovakian Castle where the first vampire movie, "Nosferatu" was filmed!
Our students were also deeply moved by our trip to the sites of the concentration camps Auschwitz & Birkenau while in Poland. The experience of being in those places will forever stay with our students, and although it was a difficult day emotionally, our students rose to the occasion and were proud to have born witness to the tragic losses endured during World War II. 
These are lessons and experiences that make our students grow, and we are proud to be able to offer them the opportunities that these yearly photography trips abroad have to offer.
The world is our classroom, and we strive to give our students many opportunities to see as much of the world as they can. We are global citizens, and our are students shining examples of the next generation of participants in the ever-expanding global community.