The Stevenson University Visual Communication Design program requires every student to complete a 120-hour internship. Valerie Shaney, a senior Photography Track student and a passionate portrait photographer, just completed her internship with Photography by Brea, a wedding photography company located in Reisterstown, MD. Her internship mentor, Breanna Shaw, allowed her to work on site assisting at her clients’ weddings and engagement shoots, as well as in the office.

This gave Valerie the opportunity to experience the hands-on aspects of wedding and portrait photography while also learning how to run a successful business. She completed her required hours primarily shooting weddings on spectacular summer weekends, but also put in office hours during the weekdays.

“My skills have increased exponentially as a photographer, as well as in public speaking, time management, interpersonal communication, meeting and exceeding client needs and expectations, organization, and attention to detail. My confidence has also grown.” says Valerie.

One of the many reasons her and her family chose Stevenson University was the high career placement rate.

"Having the internship as a required aspect of this degree gave me an experience I may not have pursued on my own," she says. "I am extremely thankful for all of my teachers at Stevenson as well as Photography by Brea, who helped me to get to where I am today.”

Valerie is confident in her potential for career success and plans to start her own photography business after she graduates. Congratulations, Valerie!