In case you missed it, we had a wonderful 72-Hour Film Festival in the FA22 Semester, as we always do. It ran November 11-14 and we screened the completed films on November 18.

Contestants had to each pick a different genre, and then work with the following three requirements: 1) include a shot where the only source of light is a flashlight; 2) include a sentence or line with at least three words of alliteration; 3) include an extreme Dutch angle shot (between 50 and 90 degrees). Once the five completed films were submitted on Monday, November 14, our three participating judges—Stevenson University President Elliot Hirshman, FMI alumna Rachel Pollock (Class of 2017), and film critic Charles Kirkland—watched the movies and chose their Top 3. At the end of the screening on Friday, November 18, the audience then voted on their favorite, which received the audience award. Prizes consisted of Amazon gift cards and a very generous grand prize donated by our sponsor, De Wolfe Music.

Check out all the films here: