For our seventeenth episode (and fifth of the 2022-2023 academic year), we welcome Stevenson FMI Alumnus Nick Hawdon (Class of 2021) and FMI Junior Lee Render to discuss the new films Imagining the Indian, from directors Aviva Kempner and Ben West, and How to Blow Up a Pipeline, from director Daniel Goldhaber, both of which begin their theatrical rollout on Friday, April 7. Imagining the Indian (released by The Ciesla Foundation) is a documentary that examines racist Native American mascots of sports teams and the efforts taken to remove them. How to Blow Up a Pipeline (released by Neon) is loosely based on the 2021 nonfiction book by Andreas Malm and follows a group of environmental activists as they plot violent action to stop what they see as climate-harming devastation. As always, FMI Department Chair Chris Reed hosts.

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