By: Taylor Washington

The winter fashion trends on campus vary on the unpredictable weather of Maryland. Through my observations, Stevenson students appear to choose athleisure wear as their go-to outfit. Many add additional clothing articles and accessories to personalize and complete their look. As you can see, there is lots of school spirit in our clothing as well!

A couple of days ago, students left their winter gear in the closet to enjoy an oddly warm day in the upper 70’s. Students on their way to work, school, and social outings were spotted layering winter and spring pieces together. Two days later, it snowed! As a New Jersey native, I am not surprised. I’m used to the high winds and random blizzards.

The weather fluctuations cause me to avoid putting much effort into my outfits most of the week. I prefer to wear oversized sweatpants and sweatshirts instead of dressing up. Students that I questioned about their style of dress informed me that they like to put more thought into what trends they wear when the weather breaks.