Why Dress up During Quarantine 2020

By: Luba Matyushina

Let us be honest, this quarantine has not only ruined our summer and fall plans, but even our “cute” clothes are taking a hit. So many pieces of clothing are catching dust in my closet during Covid-19, while I find myself still shopping online for more sweats and over-sized tees.

But I think it is time that we dust off our nice clothes and put them to good use. We should not let this pandemic stop us from getting dressed up and feeling stylish and unstoppable. In doing so, we will feel a boost in our self-esteem, as well as feeling happy, powerful, and confident.

But I know what you are thinking, “If I am not going out, why would I want to dress up?” And my answer to that is – so you can feel good about yourself! Dressing up can be such a fun process even if you have nowhere to go. Just turn on your favorite music, put together a fashionable outfit, do your makeup, if you want, and go run errands. You can even get dressed up just to take a picture for social media like me!

It is easy to lose ourselves, and our happiness during these tough times, but treat “dressing up” as the new TLC and have fun!