By Danyelle Barnes

The Garment Construction Techniques course is a beginner’s class for new fashion students to learn basic techniques such as how to thread a sewing machine, how to sew on a curved and straight edge fabric, how to sew to fabrics together, work with measuring tools and how to sew a zipper. When I transferred into the fashion design program at Stevenson University, I knew nothing about sewing. Fashion is my true love, but I didn’t know how to thread a machine or sew a simple stitch to save my life. I was really intimidated going into the fashion program because I thought that I wouldn’t catch on quickly or understand the process. The techniques class taught me so much about the fashion industry and how designing really works. This course helped me and many other students find their voice in fashion. You will learn step by step on how to improve your sewing skills, create a small portfolio and enhance your fashion vocabulary.

After you take the techniques class, you then take Garment Construction Studio. All the information you learned in the first course will help you understand the second one. Garment Construction Studio is when you start to make actual garments. If you have never made anything like me, don’t worry, because the first class will prepare you for the second one. Making garments for the first time ever can be very challenging but having professors that are dedicated to helping their students makes a big difference. And practice, practice, practice! Your work may not be perfect, but it is definitely worth the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a dress, pants or anything. Today, I know a lot more than I did when I started in the program. I feel more confident in my sewing skills, because I didn’t give up on myself. Even though this is my 2nd year in the program, I have come so far, and I now have clothes to show in my portfolio when going on an internship or job interview for fashion. These courses prepare students from all fashion backgrounds so when they graduate, they can work in the fashion industry and have the experience that is expected of them. Going into the fashion industry, businesses expect designers that they hire to have the knowledge about constructing a garment. That is why it is so important to take these two courses now where you can make mistakes and learn, because in the fashion world, mistakes aren’t acceptable.