By Lacey DeJordy

When I started at Stevenson, photography wasn’t even on my radar. It wasn’t until I took the basic photo class that my obsession started. During that semester, I decided I wanted to make it my minor.

To me, fashion and photography are inseparable. During my photo classes, I’m constantly thinking about the fashion and style that goes into my pictures. And during my fashion classes, I think about how things would photograph, and how I’d style them for a photo shoot. Even if your interest isn’t fashion photography specifically, there is always an element of styling to any picture. The things people wear and the way they look can dramatically change a shot, so as a photographer you must be aware of that.

If you think about it, there really isn’t a discipline that doesn’t involve photography in some way. There’s medical photography, forensic photography, fine art photography, food photography, and architectural photography. Pretty much any field you can think of has the potential to include photography. So if you’re into taking pictures, it doesn’t just have to be a hobby. If it’s your passion, run with that. Apply it to what you’re studying and see how interesting different types of photography can be.

At Stevenson, you can major in fashion design or fashion merchandising and minor in photography.