“You know, you should go on that show. What’s the name of it? Yeah, Project Runway” is what everyone says when they first find out I design clothes. Secondly, they say, “if I were you, I would make everything I wear!” Really, when you are a one-woman show, you do not have that kind of time to make all your clothes. You want to clothe everyone else. You are busy trying to build your business, gain customers, and if you are a mom like myself, be the best you can and deal with that little thing called “life.” You can’t just pick up and leave to go on some reality show. My reality show happens every day. I wake up and wear my many hats – a mom, student, employee, and business owner. People that are not in this field have no idea of the sacrifice and dedication involved in trying to be a successful designer.

I decided to return to school this year after a very long hiatus. I wanted to learn new design techniques, improve my skills, and to finally get my bachelor’s degree. I chose Stevenson because it fit right for that thing called “life”. When you have a family, responsibilities, and a business in its developing stage, you want to do everything you can to make it all a success. You surround yourself with positive, goal oriented people, and you add elements that will help you achieve your goals. The fashion design program at Stevenson was that element that I needed to add to my plan and achieve my goal.

By: Latonya Dickens