Professor Leslie Simpson teaches FDES 200: Introduction to Textiles, and during the course, Professor Simpson told me that, “students have the opportunity to learn how to weave on simple table looms to create a plain weave fabric. Using the looms and learning how to weave creates a fun and educational lab. They work with different yarns to create new fabrics. Students apply the terminology they learn in this lab and understand the complexity of creating a fabric.”

Prior to their hands-on weaving experiences, students are taught about the fundamentals of weaving. Weaving is defined as the process of interlacing yarns to create woven fabric. Fabric is created on a loom with a variety of types of yarns and can be done by either hand or machine. A few examples of products made with woven fabrics are button down shirts, denim jeans, velvet upholstery, silk scarves, and wedding dresses. Typically, woven fabric does not have stretch.

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