By Gloria Cook

                  When I went to Stevenson’s orientation as a transfer I learned: 1) college is what you make of it, and 2) it’s purpose is to build your resume.  These words inspired me so I wanted to get involved and create a memorable experience. After only being on Stevenson’s campus once, I wanted to explore the area and find cool places to go to after classes. I love shopping and designer clothing, so I googled “high-end consignment shops near me,” which led me to the consignment shop of my dreams: Wear It’s At. They had every designer I could imagine at affordable prices, the friendliest staff, and it was close to campus. While I was overspending at the register, I was speaking with the Sales Associate, Joyce, about how I could just live there being surrounded by products I loved. Joyce appreciated my style, specifically my sparkly loafers, so she suggested I apply there. I got the job. Working there has given me the opportunity to exert creativity and apply knowledge of things I was learning in class. From visual merchandising to personal styling and brand knowledge, this shop has taught me so much about fashion that I could not have learned from a textbook or lecture.