By Sara Close

“What did you do during break?” It’s a common question asked by friends and teachers alike after a holiday, and one that usually causes me to reflect on my time off in dismay. Work and sleep, is that really all I did? This year I’m thankful that my weekend trip to New York gave me a little more to say.

The Museum at FIT displays a selection from its collection of over 50,000 garments, accessories, and textiles dating back to the 1700’s as well as rotating exhibitions. When I visited, I got to viewtwo different displays: Black Fashion Designers and Proust’s Muse, The Countess Greffulhe (a dream for fans of Charles Frederick Worth).

Seeing the works of other designers is so important for fashion students to help us understand the context of what we do. The museum is just a short walk from New York’s Penn Station and is free to visit. If you make a trip to the museum, you might get to see upcoming exhibits such as Gilbert Adrian’s ready-to-wear and costume designs and a look at the color pink in fashion and culture. And with spring break just around the corner, you might even come home with a better answer to “how did you spend your break?”.