By: Julie Hudson

Making a decision about your future education at the age of 18 can be daunting. Do you go to a four year institution? Should you take a year off or maybe join the work force right away? There are so many options. If you do decide to further your education, how do you know what school is the best fit for you?

When I graduated from Century High School (Go Knights!) in 2012, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I eventually decided that I wantedto obtain a higher degree, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I enrolled in Carroll Community College and signed up for general classes. I tried many different electives and found out what my strengths and weaknesses were. A few years later, I was proud to graduate with my Associate’s Degree in General Studies and had decided I excelled in business classes.

I knew I would be good at a career in business and decided to combine that with my passion… clothes, clothes, and more clothes. My love for fashion and beauty, and my skills in business, led me to Stevenson University as our University was the only one with a Fashion Merchandising degree that wasn’t too far from home. I was also really impressed with the great things I heard about Stevenson’s ability to get jobs for its students right after graduation.

My community college was a great stepping-stone for me as a student and fully prepared me to thrive at Stevenson. While I may not be at Stevenson for the full four years that many students are, I am planning to take in every bit of knowledge and skill I can in my two years as a Mustang. I would tell other students thinking about transferring to decide what is most important about a school to you; for me, it was the connections that I wanted for my future career. Once you decide what is most important, find the school that fits and really get connected and get involved. I know everyone says this, but I promise they do so for a reason. Every connection counts!