By Rebecca Porter

When arriving at college for the first time, freshmen can find the new experience overwhelming. Rebecca Porter (RP), Fashion Merchandising major, asked Courtney Queen (CQ), a senior Human Services major and Fashion Design minor, to give advice for incoming freshmen.

RP: Living with someone new is scary. Before coming to college, freshmen get to either choose or are randomly assigned roommates. What did you do, and would you recommend something different?

CQ: I chose my roommate. I also completed the roommate survey. I would recommend using social media and actually talking to your roommate beforehand to discuss similarities and set up the rules of the room.

RP: How important do you think it is for school to be a priority starting freshman year?

CQ: School is a priority especially freshman year, because you will have to repeat a course. It’s always good to start the year off right by taking it seriously.

RP: Having a social life is important along with school. What advice would you give to balance this?

CQ: It’s always best to get your priorities in order. I personally feel as though I have more fun knowing that my work is completed. Always put school first.