By Portia Harris

When I first decided I wanted to transfer from a community college to a university, I had mixed feelings. I thought,“do I even want to be in college two to three more years? Do I want to start all over again trying to learn my way around; or do I want meet new people and build friendships?” All of those things crossed my mind numerous times. However, I also wanted to learn more than what I had learned at my previous school, and so I made the decision to transfer in the fall of 2016 to Stevenson.

Honestly, I have learned more in my first two semesters at Stevenson than I did the whole two years at my previous college. It has been an exciting journey of courage and dedication. Attending Stevenson has given me a whole new outlook on fashion design. It has allowed me to take the necessary steps to becoming a more creative designer. I have the opportunity to showcase my designs at New York Fashion Week, in our program’s fashion show and to study abroad if that is something I am interested in. Lastly, our fashion design studio is open to designers 24/7, and there are always faculty and staff here to help us.