Streetwear at Stevenson, 2019

By: Eric Cammarata

Streetwear on college campuses is becoming much more relevant internationally, as streetwear style and brands are quickly growing in popularity.  Streetwear has rapidly taken over big cities, schools, and college campuses. Celebrities, athletes, and fashion icons have helped push this wave, heavily influencing youth world-wide. Streetwear varies across different demographics. For example, popular streetwear in the UK would include wearing the best matching tracksuit, preferably designer. Streetwear in the US may be defined by brands such as Vans, Adidas Originals, POLO, and Supreme.

ECpic1Streetwear, to me, is defined by expression of one’s self through the use of casual clothing, prominently in urban youth subcultures. Streetwear has become so popular on college campuses and cities across the world due to the youth’s desire to express themselves. As a student studying Fashion Merchandising at Stevenson, the use of clothing as a means of expression has always been important to me. Because Stevenson offers fashion programs, many students on campus are very stylish and fashion-oriented. I see a variety of streetwear on students here at Stevenson and am sharing some latest styles here.

For someone who is introverted and has trouble meeting new people, the fashion program at Stevenson has allowed me to meet new people with like interests, engage in activities such as the Stevenson fashion show, and learn more about what I am so passionate about. Streetwear and the expression of one’s self through the use of fashion is a very powerful way of being stylish and unique. Fashion is a mutual language that everyone across the world shares, making it so powerful and important today.ECpic2