A great event on Stevenson’s campus – the crowning of next year’s (2015-2016) Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson University King and Queen at the annual Homecoming Week in October. Six contestants competed for the two crowns and performed in different events to see who would be voted “Mr. and Mrs. SU”. The contestants introduced themselves and told the audience why they should win. They also responded to a question from SU’s Career Services that they pulled out of a hat. Lastly, and the most entertaining part of the night, all six contestants picked their favorite song and lip synced and danced to it on stage. There were about 100 people at the event, and they all voted for the winners.

This is a free event during SU’s Homecoming Week in October, and tickets are available at the Rock.

By: Jessica Roth

The winners for 2015- 2016 Mr. and Mrs. SU Homecoming King and Queen were senior Shane Messick and senior Rachel Haywood. CONGRATULATIONS!!!