By: Catirra Smith

One of the amazing opportunities that Stevenson offers each year is the opportunity for fashion students to showcase an original design at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Among those selected students was Lacey DeJordy. When interviewing Lacey, she told me how she was selected, what her experience was like, and what opportunities have opened up for her from this experience.

Every year, the fashion program has a themed contest, and the winners get to showcase their garment in NYFW. There is a selection process where a panel of judges from the fashion industry decide who the winners are. Shortly after Lacey’s garment was entered into the contest, she was notified that it was accepted into the NYFW show.

Lacey said that her experience was “very exciting, kind of like a whirlwind.” When they got to the garment fitting in New York City, she selected her model. All of the other models and designers that would be in the show was there as well. Lacey said, “It was cool to see how professionals were interacting”. On the day of the show, a number of people were there including fashion bloggers and photographers. At the end of the show, she got to walk out on the runway with the model who was wearing her design and take a bow.

Since this experience, she has done numerous interviews. Former classmates have asked if they can learn from her and this experience. She plans on trying to go again next year, so that she can network with all types of people in the fashion world.