Shanel Gray is a senior fashion design student at Stevenson who’s showcasing her collection at this year’s annual Stevenson University fashion show on May 6th. She recalls the first time she started sewing was hand sewing for her dolls as a child. She hadn’t started sewing seriously, or with a machine, until she was a student at Stevenson University. When speaking to her about her experience at Stevenson University she said that the fashion illustration class was where she had the best time. Patternmaking and product development were where she really felt like she was becoming a real designer. 

For her collection she described it as ‘protest in fashion’ as someone who has seen a few pieces for the show I will just tell you that they are all statement pieces with lots to say. For inspiration, she looked into the punk movement which is a known fashion movement about the uprising of a younger generation. She also said that upcycling was also an inspiration for the collection. Taking something that is worn and torn and turning it into a new piece that sparkles as if it was new is a new trend that has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. 

For new and inspiring designers who are reading this, she says to just start sketching and not be afraid to step outside of the boxes that you find yourself in. She continues by saying to start sketching and not stop until it becomes so easy that it is almost an extension of yourself and the style that you work so hard to articulate becomes almost effortless. You can find inspiration in anything once you know how to look for it.