We are extremely pleased to share with you that the PGM-PRO Inc., a company that specialized in manufacturing dress forms, has donated three dress forms to the Stevenson University Fashion Design Program through their PGM 2015 Educational Sponsorship Program!

Our program is grateful to Ms. Rebecca Ustrell, the Education Purchasing and Donations Director, for working with our Program Coordinator, Sally DiMarco, over the last month to make the donation happen for our students.

Included are pictures and testimonials about the forms from our senior student, Katie Ellsworth, who is draping a garment of an original design for her Senior Collection on a PGM form, and sophomore students, Benish Masih and Tiffany Street, draping with gingham on the PGM dress forms during their Draping I class.

Benish Masih – “I love that the PGM forms have collapsible shoulders, and that the height is so easily adjustable. I am short and this makes it much easier for me to drape on them as compared to other forms I have worked with.”

Tiffany Street – “I like that PGM creates forms that are more realistic to the natural body. Since the forms already include breasts and backsides, I believe that my draping is much more accurate.”

Katie Ellsworth – “I enjoy using PGM Model forms for several reasons. I specifically enjoy the amount of padding, which allows for ease of pinning and security of the drape. I also appreciate the legs; which is a new development in our studio mannequins. Overall, the forms are well proportioned.”

We look forward to a long-term partnership with the PGM-PRO Company.