Patagonia’s Worn Wear Wagon Visits Stevenson

By: Meghan Roberts

Patagonia and their Worn Wear Wagon came to Stevenson’s campus in October 2019 to offer apparel repair services to students.The program was developed by the company to teach people about the importance of recycling and repairing clothing to cut down on consumption. The “wagon” travels across the country to different places to share this message, and luckily Stevenson was one of those places.

In the morning, Patagonia was set up with their wagon, truck, and tables adorned with sewing machines and all. The added bonus was their mascot, Rudy the dog, who was relaxing while everyone worked. Throughout the day, the team offered sewing, patching, stitching, and other repairs to various students and their apparel items. Every person that came with things that needed “fixing” were so happy to get their newly repaired product back. Their favorite items were like new again.

One day on campus, the team offered a Q&A session, and it was a packed house. The Worn Wear team introduced themselves, talked about what they do on a day-to-day basis, and what we as consumers can do to make an impact on the apparel industry. The group urged students to keep their clothing longer to reduce the amount of clothing in landfills, and they discussed the importance of sustainability in today’s generation.

It was amazing to learn about Patagonia and Worn Wear. This opportunity allowed students to learn more about textile sustainability, and how we can make a difference just by repairing a piece of clothing.