Written by Miranda Durner

As a fashion student, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for because there are so many places that have information about the fashion industry. Luckily, Stevenson has so many great resources for fashion students. I met with the Librarian for the School of Design, Sandra Marinaro, and talked about the resources that can be helpful for fashion students. She talked to me about online databases, research websites, and print resources.

Online Resources

The online resources at Stevenson can be accessed by going to the library’s main website. Different resources, such as WGSN, Women’s Wear Daily Archives, and Vogue Archives will show different articles that relate to fashion. You can also access databases, such as ARTSTOR, to find digital images. The images are high quality and can be used and zoomed in on to see intricate details of any garment. Like Sandra Marinaro said, “it’s not only what you get, but what you can do with what you get.” Another online resource is Films on Demand, which is an online database that gives students access to films, documentaries, and interviews on different topics. A cool thing about this database is it not only gives access to the film, but also the transcript for the film. I thought this was interesting because you can easily use quotes from a film or interview without missing anything, because you could not hear it accurately.

Print Resources

A variety of print resources, like the World Fashion Encyclopedia and Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style is available in the library. These print resources are found in the GT and TT sections of the reference and archive sections at the Greenspring campus library.

If students need any information about library resources, they can contact Sandra Marinaro at smarinaro@stevenson.edu