Kaela Sinkfield is a fashion design senior at Stevenson University whose collection is going to be at the Stevenson fashion show on May 6th. Kaela started her sewing journey when she was a junior in high school. She has a few more years of sewing experience than some people who start at Stevenson, but the classes are made for all experience levels. Watching Project Runway as a child made her interested in fashion design. Her mom got her a sketchbook when she was younger and that is when her designing really took shape. 

When talking about her collection she described it as ‘feminine streetwear couture’. This is inspired by a mix of styles she loves to see and wished to combine the two different aesthetics. When speaking about the couture aspect of her collection she mentioned wedding gowns and the sleek tight look that some have. She said that she wasn’t inspired by any designers that she can recall but mainly focused on what she likes and what she wants to represent. Her design path isn’t about finding inspiration in others’ work but finding her own inspiration and individualism.  

Her advice to young designers is to just go with it. Don’t be afraid to take the leap into fashion design and discover your passion. Go with the flow of the inspiration and where it takes you. This goes along with her statement about not following other designers and just following the inspiration that comes to you even if it’s not as traditional as other designers. Everything about Kaela and her collection is glamorous, edgy, and risky; even her advice is to go with the risk of doing what you love.