“It shouldn’t be difficult to dress comfortably and well,” said fashion design major Sarantos Papavasilakis. Beginning at a young age, he loved looking at images of architecture and athletic shoes. During his freshman year at Stevenson, Sarantos was a visual communications design major, but most of his focus went to the lacrosse team. “After a while, I started to fall away from design and only cared about sports and having fun” he said. Grades were falling and his interest in school started to fade, so he took a break.

Sarantos is now back at Stevenson University as a fashion design major ready to create, design, and influence the next generation of students. He is glad to be at Stevenson, because, “they make sure that you know all the techniques needed to start creating.”

When asked if he was worried about working in an industry that is dominated by women and gay men, he said “no.” He says that for himself as a straight man, he knew there was a lot of influence out there that guys can be inspired by. Sarantos says that Kanye West is someone he looks up to for fashion inspiration with West’s timeless and authentic pieces. Other designers or blogs he looks at include Supreme, Craig Green, and Hypebeast.

Sarantos shares some advice for other inspiring designers that want to come to Stevenson University, “do something that you enjoy and try not to get distracted. Don’t let people sway your opinion; do what you want to do. And do it as much as possible.”

By: Monica Santizo