As the Senior Fashion Design Technician, one of my duties includes assisting the students in some of the technical classes. One of the courses I have been helping in for the last four years is FDES 203: Garment Construction. This course teaches students how to construct clothing based on industry standards.

For their first project, students learn how to create men’s pants. Starting with a prototype made out of muslin, they are taught how to use their sewing skills to piece together the front and back pant legs with pockets, and to finish the garment by hemming the pant legs and creating a casing with elastic. Once students understand how the men’s pants are constructed, they recreate the pants using a fashion fabric of their choosing, with one minor change: to create a casing that has button holes for a drawstring, which they are encouraged to make out of their fashion fabric.

Look at how fabulous these men’s pants our students created turned out!

Stay tuned for their next finished project: the little girl’s dress.