By Rhiannon Arellano

When I walked into the new Academic Center at Owings Mills North campus, my first thought was ‘where is the map?!’ Once I found the map, I quickly scanned it to see if I could find my classroom number and realized that the map was for the first floor. My room was 233, so now my next mission was to find the stairs to get up to the second floor. I quickly followed other students down a long hallway past many classrooms only to realize I could not find the stairs. I felt like a freshman all over again frantically trying to find the right classroom. I finally found the stairs and comfortably settled into my class.

Owings Mills North has a new academic building that at first may be intimidating, but quickly becomes familiar. This campus offers classes for several majors. There are classes for science such as lab rooms and other areas for majors like biology, chemistry, and nursing. There is also a new area for fashion design majors, offering a much larger workspace with all new sewing equipment. It features the School of Health Professions for students in the medical field as well. The building also has a new cafeteria that will be expanded in the next few months. There are always lots of students hanging out, talking and studying, awaiting their next class in the new Academic Center; it is a great addition to Stevenson University’s growing campuses.