By: Natalie Bohlen

I have always wondered what it’s like to intern for a large company, and how one ends up landing such a great experience. Believe it or not, one of Stevenson’s very own students interned for a leading sportswear brand. Venus Khosravani, a senior in the fashion design major, scored an internship with Under Armour this past summer. I couldn’t wait to talk to her about her time spent there (and yes, she met Kevin Plank).

Venus interned in the Youth Technical Design Department. Her days started around 8am, and she wouldn’t leave sometimes until 6:30pm. Even though these were crazy long and challenging hours, she says it was super rewarding. An average day consisted of receiving samples of the merchandise, examining everything from the pattern to the structure, and perfecting the product for final distribution. After hearing the technicalities of what she did on a daily basis, I wanted to hear more about the environment at the HQ campus.

I heard a rumor that Under Armour is super competitive and that the atmosphere is not so welcoming towards workers. I definitely wanted to get the inside scoop of whether or not this is true. Venus was almost shocked that I heard this. She described her experience as fast-paced, but she said nothing about it being unfriendly. Instead, she mentioned everyone at Under Armour felt like a family, and there was great team work. Venus never knew she could work as fast and efficiently as she did; she couldn’t have learned this about herself without the help of the UA family and this internship.

It is important to start making connections with brands you want to work for in the future as soon as possible. Stevenson not only informed Venus about the available summer internship, but she also was referred to the UA Technical Designer for whom she would work by one of her professors here. She believes this definitely may have helped in her hiring process. You may be surprised by who knows who. Venus recommends that everyone should intern for a brand or company before looking into a career there. Not only does this allow you to make these connections and earn the proper skills, but you can also see if it is a good fit for you.

“Let them know that you’re not good enough for the position. Let them know that you are PERFECT for the position.” – Venus Khosravani