Welcome back everyone!

We hope you had an amazing summer and are ready for an eventful fall semester with Fashion Apparel and Design Club (FAD). We have a lot of announcements and a lot of activities/meetings planned so we wanted to jump in and get things started.

There are three positions on the Eboard that need to be filled; creative director, treasurer in training, vice president in training. The creative director is responsible for making flyers, advertising, and communicating with student activities. The treasurer in training and vp in training will work alongside the current officer to learn their roles. Come spring semester, they will take over as the current officer will step down. Please email us if you are interested in running for any of the available positions!

Below is a survey that will determine the meeting time. We realize that last semester a lot of the members were not able to come to the meeting times due to class conflicts. Please select the time that works for you. Once we have selected a meeting time, another email will be sent out containing all of the meeting times and their topics/themes.


Please come visit us today at the town hall meeting @1pm on north, and at the involvement fair @5-7pm in the new quad on owings mills campus! ​We look forward to seeing everyone today and at meetings throughout the semester

Fad Eboard​