Dress for Success at Stevenson

By: Skylar Werner

I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. It started in high school when I found my love for trend watching and fashion news. My dress for success realization began when one day, my soccer coach told us we had to wear our sports jerseys to school. I had an exam this day and had studied for hours. However, when I got the results all I saw was a big, red D+. Ever since that day ,I made it my goal to dress like every day was going to be the best day of my life.

I’ve read countless articles proving that dressing nicely will improve one’s work ethic, but everyone has to find their niche. When I dress for success, I want to feel as if I will have the attention of a room, – very professional, but on-trend. Personal style is one of the amazing things about fashion, and dressing for success is different for everyone. I’ve noticed in college that jeans and a t-shirt are the most dressed up a student will get for class. However, I challenge all the fashionistas out there to wear something that makes you feel successful and in charge. This is your own version of triumph, and fashion allows you to look the part. When you look successful, you will feel successful. In our virtually dependent climate now, we are wearing comfort clothing and steering away from dress clothes. However, to be more confident, I recommend pulling those ties and pencil skirts out from the back of the closet.