By Tamia Kimble

Being a fashion merchandising major, I could not wait to dive into everything fashion. What fashion groups on campus can I join? What type of events are going to happen within the fashion department, and how can I be a part of them? Many questions and excitement consumed me when I first got to Stevenson University. These questions were all answered in a matter of time.

As a commuter student, getting to and from class was my major focus. But with the hopes of having some free time for student activities, I would consistently check SUNOW, better known as the Stevenson Portal. The best thing about the portal is that it provides all the information you need from important dates to fun events, and even how to be a part of events. As a commuter, most of my time is not spent on campus, other than being in the classroom or the library. Being able to access information right at your fingertips is very crucial to your college experience.

When people say, “there’s an app for that!”, it may be funny but very true. Stevenson University has at least 4 apps within the Apple App Store. From one commuter student to another, download them, get familiar, and get engaged with your Stevenson Community. You won’t regret it.