We greatly enjoyed our visit with Ms. Cathy Harris and her accompanying students!  For the last several years, Ms. Harris has been bringing her students from the Tech. Center to visit SU’s fashion design and merchandising program, to tour our facilities and interact with individuals already participating in a collegiate program in the industry.

On November 15th, the high school students got the full tour of our impressive and most spacious fashion design studios and CAD lab. While they were here, they met with the programs new Chair, Mr. Forest Bell, and spoke with a few of our sophomore students about their experiences thus far at Stevenson. After the meet and greet, they were shown rare and vintage garments, such as our amazing early 1900s French corset from our historical garment collection. Finally, they were even treated to free fabric from the Fashion Design program’s textile closet; taking with them arms full of donated fabric!

We greatly enjoyed meeting them and hope they had a fabulous visit!