By Cierra Cade

It is safe to say that booties are taking over fall trends – a nice sweater and jeans combination paired with booties. This is a great, simple fall outfit to wear especially when going to class. From oversized to simple sweaters, this is definitely the perfect fall look. Booties are also paired with mini-leather skirts or simple dresses. This outfit is presented on days whenpeople decide to put in a little more effort to walk around and go to class or hang out on the weekends. The booties range from ankle boots to high cut boots. The guys have their fair share of men booties as well.

Another trend piece that is seen this fall is the statement choker. This became very popular over the summer and continues to hit the campus scene this fall. The choker can be paired with almost any outfit creating a stylish look. Another trendy fall item that is seen around on cooler campus days is the bomber jacket. These are presented in a variety of different colors for the young ladies and the guys. Some of the main colors that I have seen are pink, black, brown and an army green and orange combination. Who said that broke college students cannot show off their great looks on campus?!