Being a Transfer Student at Stevenson

By: Keanna Salmon

Being a transfer student isn’t an easy thing. There are many emotions and factors that go in to that first day you arrive on campus. First, you are no longer on a small campus at a community college. Second, you are faced with having to make new friends. Honestly, it felt weird for me the first couple of weeks. I even got lost and went to the wrong class. Thankfully, there were some nice people to help me out. Everyone I have met is so nice and willing to help here at Stevenson.

I’ve discovered that being at a new school is a great opportunity for you to get a chance to reinvent yourself. Do things outside of your comfort zone. Stevenson has tons of activities and clubs you can be a part of. If you live on campus or are a commuter, you meet a variety of people. There is FAD, a fashion club, which is a great place to start.

Before coming to Stevenson, I went to a community college and took general educational credits. I then transferred to focus on my major – fashion merchandising. I have an advisor in the major who is really helpful that has also made me feel more comfortable. Stevenson is a great school where I have met nice people, and have had and will have some great experiences. This is me with my new friends, and Stevenson’s mascot, the Mustang.