By: Megan Ingold


There are many different ways to showcase art, and at Stevenson University they do it through Arts Alive  This is a cultural arts program that includes an array of showcases and art programs. There will be guest speakers, film screenings, theatre productions, musical performances, and art exhibitions.  Arts Alive is a way for students to showcase their art and all the hard work that has gone into it.  


Every student in an art related major will be able to showcase their talents in Arts Alive.  There will be screenings for film and moving image students as well as their senior showcase which includes the final capstone projects for the class of 2018.  An annual student fashion show will be held featuring original collections from fashion design students.  A concert will be held by the band and the orchestra.



There will also be a lot of guest speakers coming to campus. They are a great way for students get advice from professionals in their fields; it is a great learning experience.  One huge art project that will be showcased forever is the “Inside Out” project which is a public art display at the Greenspring Campus on the Art Gallery building. See the fun pictures of students on the side of our buildings!