Amanda Hostalka has been a part of the Stevenson community since 1998 when she started as a part-time graphic design professor. In 2009, Amanda became the Department Chairperson for the Art and Visual Communication Design program. And recently, in 2015, she became Dean of Stevenson University’s School of Design. With her long-term commitment to the University and personal skills she acquired through running her own advertising design business, Amanda has a lot to offer Stevenson and the School of Design.

The School of Design consists of four different programs: Business Communications, Fashion Design, Film and Moving Image, and Visual Communication Design. Stevenson University is expanding its School of Design with the addition of a building specifically for courses within these programs. The new space will create greater potential for creativity among School of Design students. Amanda feels that with the new addition, creators and/or communicators will all work together to establish synergy within the school. As the School of Design grows, Amanda looks forward to students, alumni, and faculty coming together to create a service-oriented atmosphere for growth and development of skills.

Stevenson University’s School of Design has a bright future. Amanda says she “believes in the quality we offer and the quality of our students” and she is excited for the future of the program. As students, faculty, and alumni engage to formulate a vision for the new School of Design, Amanda feels that there is a lot of room for the program to grow and become one of the best.

By: Liz Palmer