Amira Morsi’s Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

Amira’s collection was designed to be soft, beautiful, and Venus-like. Her main inspiration came from a perfume she likes and photos of flowers in water.

Her favorite look is her navy-blue dress that has flowers at the side of the breasts. She feels it represents her collection well as it is elegant, feminine, and romantic.

Amira wants to work as a stylist or freelance designer. She wants to design custom pieces for clients who want a unique garment. She enjoys garments that are well-suited to the person who is wearing them and would even love to create custom costumes.

The hardest part of the design process for Amira was deciding which of her ideas for designs would actually be made into garments. She wanted to choose designs that would best represent her as a designer.

Her target market is women ages 20-40. Women with lavish lifestyles who spend much of their time traveling, painting, going to country clubs and cigar bars, and hanging out on yachts are her ideal customer.

Her design aesthetic is vintage and chic. She is inspired by clothing from the 50s and 60s and likes adding her own twists to make them more modern and wearable in the present time.

Her favorite part of the design process was deciding what her collection would be focused around and which designs would be included. She also enjoyed seeing everything come together at the end, as she feels the process of making the clothes can be overwhelming.

Amira feels the Stevenson Fashion Design department taught her techniques that she will be able to take into the industry with her. She also was able to get one-on-one help from professors and work study students when she needed it.

If given the opportunity to design for a celebrity or public figure, she would choose Bella Hadid. Amira feels Hadid has an old-fashioned, sexy look to her and fits Amira’s design aesthetic.

Designers she looks to for inspiration include Mugler, Coco Chanel, and Edith Head. She likes Mugler’s use of curves and how everything is well-fitted to the female body. She feels all of the above designers create looks that stand out from the crowd and are styles that “it girls” would wear to big events.